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HTML5 and CSS3 - Just Do It! - Step by Step Website Creation (2015)

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June 24, 2015, 04:25:27 PM
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HTML5 and CSS3 - Just Do It! - Step by Step Website Creation (2015)


HTML5 and CSS3 - Just Do It! - Step by Step Website Creation (2015)
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Genre: Video Training

Just follow along step by step and create a Webpage, Bootstrap Webpage and add Animation to the webpage using HTML & CSS. By the end of this course you will have built a HTML5 page with CSS from scratch; built a Bootstrap webpage and created Animation into your page using HTML and CSS. Why spend time going through theory after theory after theory? Why not just get to it; get creating a HTML page. Get to the actual good stuff..That is what this course is all about. This course is aimed at people who want to get started with the creating pages now and then follow up with some theory just to re-inforce what you have already learnt and created. You will start with HTML5; follow along my step by step lectures and create your first HTML5 page. Next you will learn how to add CSS styling to that page and style sections; including learning how to use float, add shadow, create great looking menus.

Once you've finished your first HTML page you will more onto - how to create a Bootstrap page. Its so easy you hardly have to enter any code... You will learn by following along; how to quickly and easily create the base Bootstrap page; how to add elements and then add your own custom CSS.

Once completed, its time to learn about animation in HTML5 and CSS3. Yes; you can animate elements on your page just with HTML5 and CSS3!!! No need for javascript, PhP or any other.. You will learn by following along how to add and create animation.

By the end of this course you will have built HTML5 pages with CSS; a Bootstrap page AND added your animation. So easy your granny could do it...

So, are you ready to create a webpage? If so; this is what we will be doing :

Follow along example of HTML5 and CSS webpage
Now includes follow along example of Bootstrap webpage
Create some webpages
Add styling using CSS
Learn some great HTML based annimation techniques
Gain what you need to create your webpage
Create a Mobile Responsive website with Bootstrap
Add animation to your webpage
And when you have completed your own page after taking this course, you can share it with us all.

1 - First Page
2 - Lets Start Creating Out Second Page
3 - Starting With CSS
4 - Styling Our Webpage
5 - Adding Easy Animation To Our Menus
6 - Adding the Final Content
7 - Lets Look At the Theory
8 - Thank You

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